Cherax Park Mary Valley

Cherax Park is located at Theebine, a picturesque rural community 40km north of Gympie in the Mary Valley, Queensland. The farm was established in 1999. Operating at the highest standard in the industry, Cherax Park has become one of the biggest and most successful freshwater crayfish operation in Queensland as well as the leading exporter in the industry.
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Cherax Park is a nursery and Grow-out facility of Redclaw Crayfish located on the outskirts Gympie, Queensland. The farm was acquired in 2018, following comprehensive farm audit.

The audit showed that Cherax park had been significantly under-performing with historically low production, and further decline impacted by a change of ownership and management.

Fusion Farming established a major personnel restructure, facility rebuild and upgrade. Cherax Park is currently undergoing a 3-fold expansion with an anticipated production of 70 Tonne/annum.

Through upgrading the technology and employing highly skilled, qualified and passionate personnel, Cherax Park was able to facilitate the pilot breeding/hatchery program that has now moved to another site.

The breeding program utilises brood-stock from 15 wild caught genetic strains. This ensures maximised growth rates, yield, and disease resistance, to ensure much higher returns for our investors.

The Cherax Park rebuild enabled Fusion farming to establish and prove its scalable, sustainable aquaculture model. One that can be replicated globally. Our model is focused on providing a sustainable high yield stock, while having ultra-low environmental impact. This is achieved by remediation and recirculation of water, electricity generation and high yield genetics.

Cherax Park has also been the site of collaboration between our aquatic scientists, universities and Queensland Government. This collaboration has validated our technology and processes and provided our investors with confidence in future growth.