Austech Aquaculture

Austech Aquaculture coming online is a significant step forward for Fusion Farming. Not only does it ensure stability of future earning potential for our investors, but it also provides us with the knowledge and technology for exponential growth.
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With stage 3 construction completed and currently completing last 2 tank builds. The system was designed and tested in a pilot program at the Cherax Park Mary Valley facility. Austech Aquaculture is the culmination of years of research and development and collaboration between our marine scientists and Australian universities.

One of the challenges to any primary production business is the ability to be able to secure a quality constant supply of young livestock. Being able to control this process ourselves is huge leap forward in maintaining quality, consistency and genetic variation. Our Broodstock is made up of 15 genetic strains, each with their own specific characteristics such as size, growth rate, temperature preference and tolerance to disease. 

Upon completion of the final 2 tanks Austech Aquaculture will have capacity to hold 12,000 broodstock. Providing the capacity to produce 600,000 post larval Redclaw every month. Sufficient production capacity to service 100 hectares of grow-out ponds, which produce 700 tonnes of Redclaw with a market value of approx AUD$25M annually.

Securing this supply reduces the risk to our investors significantly, and with the knowledge and technology developed by this project, provides Fusion Farming the ability to scale and build such facilities almost anywhere on the globe.